The Other / Anti-Pope

From: David Crofts <>
To: 'Hilton Jordan' <>
Cc: 'Wayne Schuller' <>
Subject: Emailing: Hilton_Jordan.pdf, Wayne_Schuller.pdf
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 15:09:40 +1100

If it were not for all of those “other” anti-popes, lying their faith for the greater of good of all ( their faithful ), when a pope gets “up” he would have to immediately step “down” again, like been-a-fucked-a-pope the sixteenth .... The “other” ( false ) “true” pope who is actually in the real-vati-cunt city !!!!

The current, hopefully innocent ( not an accidently elected anti-pope ( false-pope )) currently resides in the real-and-true-vati-arsehole !!!! I have a problem knowing whether it is good or bad to have the innocent-popes out-number the anti-popes !!!!